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EMPpad iMRS treatment

How to successfully apply PEMF therapy in the complex case

This blog post is designed to help those with more complex requirements as they look to successfully introduce low level PEMF therapy into their...

10 reasons EMPpad Equine PEMF therapy is the perfect fit for your horse

At EMPpad Equine we believe in a proactive approach; providing our clients with a natural, long term and preventative equine health solution. The EMPpad...
EMPpad iMRS treatment

Avoid these 7 mistakes to get the most benefit from using the iMRS

The iMRS system has the potential to deliver many health benefits, plus play a crucial supportive role in your quest to improve your overall...

10 reasons Activ5 solves your exercise dilemma

Time is precious and modern life is busy, often too busy. Much as we may want to, it is now becoming increasingly difficult to...
Sleeping and insomnia

Can PEMF therapy help my sleep?

Sleep is important to our health. Very important. Yet while experts agree that getting good quality sleep is vital, we simply do not get...

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