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Sleeping and insomnia

Can PEMF therapy help my sleep?

Sleep is important to our health. Very important. Yet while experts agree that getting good quality sleep is vital, we simply do not get...
Natural Pain Relief Tips from EMPpad

Top 10 Natural Pain Relief Tips from EMPpad

Following on from last week’s blog post regarding the natural pain relieving benefits of low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy, we felt it appropriate...
Pain Freedom!

Can PEMF therapy help my pain?

Over the coming blogs we will be taking a closer look at PEMF therapy and its benefits in greater detail, together with advice on...
Omnium1 Lifestyle Settings

What are the best Omnium1 settings to use?

The Omnium1 represents the next generation of PEMF system, providing all the established benefits of PEMF therapy wherever and whenever you need it, whilst...
Omnium1 Top 10 Tips

How to use the Omnium1; 10 essential tips from EMPpad Lifestyle

At EMPpad Lifestyle we take pride in selecting only the most innovative healthtech products for our website. As the most advanced PEMF system in...

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