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10 Essential Tips for using the iMRS

10 essential tips for using the iMRS

The iMRS system is the world leading PEMF therapy device for home use and it has the potential to deliver profound health benefits. If...
Spring Fever at EMPpad

It’s the May 2017 Newsletter from EMPpad!

It's Spring Fever at EMPulse this month! EMPpad have some great deals on both the iMRS systems and the Omnium1 Lifestyle systems. Save hundreds of...
PEMF Health Benefits

What are the health benefits of PEMF therapy?

Our bodies are brilliantly equipped with mechanisms capable of natural self-repair. However, they can often need a helping hand. Low frequency and intensity PEMF...

What is the history of PEMF therapy?

The healing benefits of magnets have been known for thousands of years, with magnetic therapy practised in China as early as 2000 B.C. In...
Samuel Maddock Steven harper Osteopaths

Who are EMPpad?

At EMPpad we believe that with the right approach it is possible to dramatically improve a person’s state of health and quality of life....

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