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Buy the iMRS with confidence from EMPpad; 10 reasons to choose our comprehensive training...

You may have read that the iMRS system is simple to use. It is. You may have also read that training isn't really necessary...

How to improve your sleep using the iMRS system

With the recent change in the clocks marking the start of British Summer Time and depriving us all of a precious hour of sleep,...

Can the iMRS system help my pain?

The number of prescriptions for powerful pain killers, such as codeine and tramadol, have risen from 12m to 24m in the past 10 decade....

8 essential benefits of using the Activ5

Activ5 is a gym in your pocket, saving you both time and money in your pursuit of daily exercise. With Activ5 you can experience...

PEMF Therapy and NASA

The history of PEMF therapy has been shaped by the research of many exceptional individuals over the years, including Dr Robert Becker, Dr Andrew...

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