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How to perform at your best using the iMRS

As humans, we are designed to conserve energy wherever possible for survival, and our bodies are always looking for the path of least resistance....

How to successfully manage your stress with the iMRS

“It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it...” Hans Selye The Oxford Dictionary defines stress as 'a state of mental or...

Which iMRS package should you buy?

The iMRS system is the world leading PEMF device for home use, with the potential to deliver many possible health benefits. It is best...
Samuel Maddock Steven harper Osteopaths

Buy the iMRS with confidence from EMPpad; 10 reasons to choose our comprehensive training...

You may have read that the iMRS system is simple to use. It is. You may have also read that training isn't really necessary...

How to improve your sleep using the iMRS system

With the recent change in the clocks marking the start of British Summer Time and depriving us all of a precious hour of sleep,...

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